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[sticky post] introduction

aka more than you ever need to know about eve513Collapse )

Just the Important Stuff:
This lj is for Sims 2 creations stuff. Primarily recolors or textures, since my skills are terribly limited at the moment. I have a legacy that I update on tumblr. Here is a link to it, if you're interested.

filing system:

random 001

hair 008

This can also be found in Simgaroop's colors, by voleste here. :) I haven't seen it in remisims's colors or textures so I did it to match the rest of the hairs in my game (but mainly because I love it on Loki). I can't remember where I found his blazer... Thank you to trappingit for the wonderful conversion, Remi for her colors & textures, and whoever made his lovely jacket.

update 001

This isn't a big deal or very important, but I learned how to texture reference files, successfully I believe, so I've went through all my previous retextures and made the files a wee bit smaller. In addition, I added or fixed tooltips for all the hairs and then I took some new previews for the earliest releases, because my slight need for things to match kicked in. So I will be updating previews & downloads. If for some reason something should break because of this, please let me know so I can fix it. Thank you!

filing system:

hair 007

I originally saw a work-in-progress of this conversion on le_plat_du_jour's journal a long time ago when I was still just a lurker. I wanted it for a default replacement, but it was never finished and/or released. And then today, the wonderful bunheadsbuns released their conversion! So here is it in Remi's textures. :) Just a notice, in an effort to make the package files smaller I deleted duplicate textures & made the files all reference the same one. Cutting to the chase, when I tried to export the textures via body shop, it kicked out an error so my files may not be recolorable, if you tried to use them for whatever reason. All the colors show up fine in my game so I hope they're fine in yours too. If not, give a shout and I'll see what I can do! And a huge thank you to Bunhead for all their hard work. :) EDIT: You can find it in Remi's pretty wavy textures here by selenaq13!

hair 006

Trapping's retexture and genderswap can be found here. :) I only did the male version because I didn't much like it on my females. As always, thank you to Remi for the textures & colors and SkySims for the mesh. Let me know if something is amiss, otherwise enjoy!

hair 005

I found the alpha edit here on Garden of Shadows. It's really the same story as the coolsims retexture I did; I just like this edit better than the original & the other found at the link. As always, binned/familied/grey linked to black. Thank you Remi for your textures & colors and Amaryll for the model's shirt. :) Shout if anything is broken.

hair 004

It's my birthday so have a retexture! I haven't seen anyone else do this hair yet so here it is. :) It's familied & binned, grey linked to black. Thank you to Cazy for the mesh, Trapping for the conversion, Remi (tumblr/livejournal) for her lovely textures and colors. The redheaded model is wearing a shirt made by Amaryll at their livejournal. Lemme know if anything is screwy and have a lovely day!



hair 003

I found the edit on PeachT's blog, here. I like it better than the original so I went ahead and retextured it. :) The hoodie Trent sports was made by Amaryll and be found here. Other awesome goodies can be found on their livejournal. Thanks to those creators, Coolsims for the hair mesh, and Remi (tumblr/livejournal) for her textures and colors. If something is broken, lemme know!

hair 002

Like it says. 4 binned colors, grey is linked to black. I hope everything is satisfactory. :)

Wavy Tails

Peggy Oct Gift '11

A huge thank you to:
Peggy, Nouk & Remi

at this time

September 2012


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